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Jun 18

City honors senior center volunteers with “Fabulous 50s” event

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 3:05 pm by Peter Ibrahim

The City of Menlo Park celebrated its senior center volunteers Friday, May 25, at the annual recognition event. The Fabulous 50s lunch and dance drew in a record crowd of over 100 volunteers, and guests, dressed in their finest, mostly authentic 1950s outfits. The excited guests not only came to have a great time, but they also came to support the dedicated group of individuals who volunteer regularly at the Senior Center. This year we benefited from the help of 45 senior and youth volunteers who worked tirelessly to bring programs and events to the patrons. These individuals play a key role in the Center's day to day activities, from teaching classes and setting up for luncheons, to helping with distributing bags of grocery to those in need, and assisting with the meals. As a group, the volunteers dedicated an average of 180 hours a month this past year. 

The event provided the time to recognize each volunteer and the years they have helped, with the longest serving going back 18 years. The master of ceremonies was Bridget Babb, a local resident of Menlo Park, whose mother, Emma, started her volunteer work with the Senior Center’s kitchen in early 2000s. Currently, Bridget volunteers her time with the program, while her mom, now 99 years old, enjoys the activities as a participant. Each volunteer received an award (a 45 RPM vinyl record), and a small gift certificate for their services.

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