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Apr 10

Menlo Park hosts egg hunt for seniors

Posted on April 10, 2018 at 11:28 am by Peter Ibrahim

The 10th annual Senior Egg Hunt was held on Friday, March 30 with over 50 excited seniors in attendance. In the weeks leading up to the event, seniors took part in afternoon workshops decorating baskets donated by local businesses.

From ribbons to flowers and little fluffy chicks, there was something for everyone to make their basket unique and creative. Those in art classes at the Menlo Park Senior Center also took part in dyeing the eggs that were served each morning leading up to the big egg hunt event. During the week, several volunteers assisted with stuffing hundreds of eggs with candy and prizes. After the festive luncheon, seniors were invited to the Senior Center's Memorial Garden, where staff hid eggs throughout planters, bushes, on tree branches, and in the grass. It was a sight to be seen, as seniors who usually rely on their walkers and canes gathered anxiously at the entrance to the garden. Then when prompted to begin, participants moved swiftly to gather as many eggs as they could find. With over 50 seniors and 1 youth participating, this year’s was completed in a mad-rush record time of ten minutes and 35 seconds!

Senior Egg Hunt