Laurel Upper School (O'Connor Site)

In anticipation of the fall 2016 opening of the newly remodeled Laurel Upper School at 275 Elliott Drive, the City will be improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities for the future students and their families traveling on Menalto Ave, O’Connor St, and other surrounding streets.

Current project status
Consistent with the City’s Bicycle Plan and the Menlo Park City School District’s effort to promote safe alternative modes of transportation, the City will implement the following improvements near the school site this year:

Sidewalk improvements
  • Menalto Ave: eastern side between O’Connor St and Elm St
  • O’Connor St: northern side between Menalto Ave and Elliott Dr
Curb ramp improvements
  • Menalto Ave / O’Connor St
  • Willow Rd / Gilbert Ave
Bike route sharrow pavement marking and signage improvements
  • Durham St between Willow Rd and Menalto Ave
  • Donohoe St between Menalto Ave and W. Bayshore Rd
  • Gilbert Ave between Willow Rd and Menalto Ave
  • Menalto Ave between Durham St and Woodland Ave
  • O’Connor St between Menalto Ave and Manhattan Ave
  • Woodland Ave between Menalto Ave and University Avenue
  • Euclid Ave between O’Connor St and Woodland Ave
  • W. Bayshore Rd between Donohoe St and Manhattan Ave
  • Manhattan Ave between W. Bayshore Rd and Woodland Ave

Next steps
Develop a detailed construction schedule with construction expected to commence in Summer/Fall of 2016.

In 2014, the Menlo Park City School District decided to make changes to the existing Laurel School located at 95 Edge Road due to continuous student enrollment growth. The school currently serves students in grades K-4.

Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, the District will convert the existing Laurel School to a Lower Campus and serve students in grades K-2. Furthermore, the District will occupy the existing empty O'Connor site on Elliott Drive as the new Laurel Upper School campus and serve students in grades 3-5.

Project activities
In association with the opening of the Laurel Upper School campus, the City of Menlo Park and the City of East Palo Alto applied and received grant funds to provide additional sidewalk, crosswalk, bicycle marking, and signage enhancements. 

On October 30, 2014, the City hosted a neighborhood meeting to discuss access to the Laurel Upper School. This meeting included a presentation of current issues identified in collaboration with the Menlo Park City School District during the planning process, as well as potential solutions to improve circulation and safety in the school area, and to encourage bicycling and walking to and from school for children that will attend the Laurel Upper School.

City Council awarded the construction contract on June 7, 2016.