Action plan implementation

Moving forward, it will be important that both the City and Belle Haven residents work closely together to ensure that resident priorities and commitments made during the Visioning Process are addressed and maintained. The City, residents and other community partners all have a stake in the outcomes of the Belle Haven Neighborhood Action Plan.

Work has already begun on a number of high priority items that were addressed in the Neighborhood Action Plan.  As part of its commitment to support the work of residents on the Action Plan, the City of Menlo Park has contracted with the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center to support specific areas of the implementation such as facilitating the resident task forces, sustain and expand community outreach, provide mediation, training and conflict resolution services as needs arise. The following efforts are being led by a combination of resident, city and community partners to ensure the work of the visioning process continues:

  • Creation of the neighborhood Mini-grant program
  • Quarterly Belle Haven Newsletters highlighting resident voices and opinions
  • Development of a neighborhood community garden within Belle Haven
  • Formation of an active Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Continuation of Police-Resident dialogues
  • Initiating a Youth Diversion component for first time youth offenders
  • Opening of the Belle Haven Neighborhood Services Center and placement of a community information kiosk.  
  • Broadening Community Service programs and services.