Safe Routes to School program

The purpose of Menlo Park's Safe Routes to Schools program is to enhance access to all schools that serve Menlo Park residents. The City leads the preparation of a Safe Routes to Schools plan with a particular focus on gathering input and feedback from school students, parents, and residents near the school. The plans are also prepared in close coordination with the school district and administration.

Beginning in August 2018 and over the course of the next year, the City will begin creating a citywide Safe Routes program. Alta Planning + Design will be leading the efforts, and will be coordinating with various stakeholders to recommend improvements around schools and the City. If you are interested in participating in the process, such as giving input or participating at future meetings, please contact us.

Additional resources

For more information and resources, including useful tips and education resources for both teachers and parents, please visit the San Mateo County Office of Education Safe Routes to School webpage. This includes useful tips and education resources for both teachers and parents to share with children about traveling to school safely.