2550 Sand Hill Road Project

Project Description

This project consists of the demolition of an existing one-story, 31,792-square-foot building (formerly a convalescent hospital) and the construction of a new two-story, 23,011-square-foot non-medical office building and the related site improvements at 2550 Sand Hill Road (formerly 1185 Monte Rosa Drive) in the C-1-C (Administrative, Professional, and Research District; Restrictive) zoning district.

The proposed project required the following approvals:
  1. Use Permit for the construction of a new building;
  2. Architectural Control for design review of the new building and related site improvements;
  3. Heritage Tree Removal Permit to remove 7 existing heritage trees; and
  4. Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing Agreement for the proposed in lieu fee payment.
The traffic study determined that the proposed project would not result in significant traffic, parking, or on-site circulation impacts. As such, the proposed project is categorically exempt under Class 32 (Section 15332, "In-Fill Development Projects") of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines. 

Current Status

The Planning Commission approved the project in 2008. Construction is complete, and the building is occupied.

Staff Reports