Daytime residential parking

In certain areas of Menlo Park, our residents requested that parking restrictions be placed on the streets of their neighborhoods.  This request was made in response to an overflow of business and/or visitor vehicles that were using neighborhood streets as all-day parking areas.  The overflow of parking made it exceedingly difficult for residents to find space for their own vehicles and their guests. Streets that are affected include:

College Park/Crane area

  • Blake St - all addresses
  • Cambridge Ave - 600 to 800 blocks only
  • College Ave - 600 to 800 blocks only
  • Cornell Rd - all addresses
  • Crane St - 1300 block only
  • Harvard Ave - 600 to 800 blocks only
  • Partridge Ave - 600 to 800 blocks only
  • University Ave - 0 to 200 blocks (even addresses only)

Flood Park area

Between April 1 and October 31, vehicles cannot be parked on the street without a permit from 8 am to 8 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Handicapped placards are exempt when properly displayed. 

(Please call to check eligibility of a specific address):
  • Bay Rd
  • Del Norte Ave
  • Dunsmuir Way
  • Greendwood Dr
  • Greenwood Pl
  • Hedge Rd
  • Iris Ln
  • Oakhurst Pl
  • Oakwood Pl

Marcussen Drive area

  • Marcussen Dr - All addresses
  • Oak Grove Ave - 195 annd 199
  • Ravenswood Ave - 190, 192, 194, and 198

Daytime residential permits

If you are a resident on a street where restrictions apply, it may be possible to apply for a daytime parking permit if your address qualifies.  Permits can be purchased at the main lobby of the police station during regular business hours.  Proof of residency is required in the form of a lease or utility bill.  For a first time purchase, three permits are provided at a total cost of $15.  Any subsequent replacements needed for lost or damages permits will be $15 each.  Permits can also be purchased by mail.  Please include a complete a Residential Parking Permit Application with a check for $15 made payable to the City of Menlo Park.  Permits purchased by mail can only be mailed back to an eligible address.


Vehicles displaying a valid California placard or handicap plates are exempt. For parking issues regarding construction activity, please contact us.