Belle Haven Branch Library

Belle Haven Library Neighborhood Needs Assessment kicks off with Dscout mission
On weekdays until 3:00 p.m., the Belle Haven Branch Library serves only the students and teachers of Belle Haven Elementary School. The library opens to the public at 3:15, and has the same hours as the Main Library on the weekends. See the Menlo Park Library System's Operating Hours schedule.

Adults Paint Like Frida
Paint Like Frida

Saturday, August 18: Jump into the artistic mind of Frida Kahlo, with art facilitator Christie Inocencio. Canvas, palette, and paints are all provided.

Randel McGee and Groark the Dragon

Randel McGee and Groark Sunday, August 26: Our Puppetry Festival's final performance features Randel McGee and his friend: a talking, wise-cracking, singing, guitar-playing dragon!

Art Break Day

Art Break Day 2

Friday, September 7: No matter your age, you are invited to sit down, take a break, and make art for FREE!

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