Water regulations

Water is a precious resource that is used every day. About 75 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, but only 1 percent can be used for drinking because most water found on the planet contains salt. The limited availability of water combined with population and economic growth requires good conservation practices to ensure adequate supplies are available for the future.
On April 7, 2017, Governor Brown lifted the January 17, 2014, drought declaration in most California counties. The Governor’s Executive Order B-40-17 directs the State Water Board to maintain urban water use reporting requirements and prohibitions on wasteful practices such as watering during or after rainfall, hosing off sidewalks, and irrigating ornamental turf on public street medians. While the drought is over, the Governor has declared that water conservation must be a “way of life.” Based on the Governor’s Executive Order, in the future the State Water Board will adopt new regulations reflecting the changes in the drought declaration.

Water use regulations (adopted May 2, 2017)

In 2016, the City of Menlo park adopted its Urban Water Management Plan. Please continue to conserve by doing the following:
  1. Hoses must be equipped with a shut-off valve for washing vehicles, sidewalks, walkways or buildings
  2. Broken or defective plumbing and irrigation systems must be repaired or replaced within a reasonable period
  3. Recreational water features shall be covered when not in use
  4. Ornamental fountains shall use only recirculated or recycled water
  5. Single-pass cooling systems on new construction shall not be allowed
  6. Potable water shall not be applied in any manner to any driveway, sidewalk or other hard surface except when necessary to address immediate health or safety  concerns
  7. Potable water shall not be used to water outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff onto nonirrigated areas, walkways, roadways, parking lots or other hard surfaces
  8. Potable water cannot be applied to outdoor landscapes during and up to 48 hours after measurable rainfall
  9. Potable water shall not be used to irrigate ornamental turf on public street medians
  10. Hotels and motels shall provide guests an option whether to launder towels and linens daily. Hotels and motels shall prominently display notice of this option in each bathroom using clear and easily understood language.
  11. Restaurants and other food service operations shall serve water to customers only upon request