Vehicle releases

Release conditions

All vehicles towed by Menlo Park Police must have a release form issued by the police department before the tow company can release them. Eligible vehicles are released in person to the registered owner of the vehicle only at Menlo Park Police Department. The owner must supply current valid registration, proof of insurance, and a valid licensed driver.

If the vehicle was towed for excessive citations, those must be paid at the Police Department, or DMV, prior to release (bring all proof of payments).

30-day holds

If the vehicle has a 30 day hold, you may pick it up after the 30 days is up, or earlier if the person driving the vehicle at the time of tow gets their license reinstated (then they must come to the Police Department with the owner to get the release, bring proof from DMV). If the vehicle owner would like to request a post-storage hearing on the validity of the tow, the owner must contact the Police Department at 650-330-6300. 


Police Department vehicle release fee is $125.00. We accept cash or Visa/MasterCard only.

After obtaining a vehicle release form the Police Department, the owner must take the form to the tow company, where all towing and storage fees must be paid to the tow company.