Construction and demolition

Approximately 22 percent of the state's waste stream is comprised of construction and demolition debris. Menlo Park's construction and demolition ordinance reduces the city's contribution of this debris to local landfills.

Ordinance recycling requirements

State mandate requires 65 percent of the project's anticipated debris must be diverted. The anticipated debris is determined by Community Development, but is typically as follows:
  • Demolition (typical): 40 pounds per square foot
  • Demolition with tile roof: 47 pounds per square foot
  • New construction: 4 pounds per square foot
  • Wood only (such as deck): 2 pounds per square foot
Up to 35 percent of this debris can be inerts (concrete and asphalt). Separate calculations for demolition and construction portions of an applicable project.

Penalty system

Pursuant to State Law, the City of Menlo Park requires 65 percent of all construction and demolition (C&D) debris to be diverted from the landfill through salvage or recycling. The City uses Green Halo Systems to review your Waste Management Plan. Projects in non-compliance are subject to a fine of $1 per square foot that meet the minimum threshold of at least 1,000 square feet. This means that if the project does not meet its 65 percent diversion rate, it will be charged $1.00 per square foot of the project’s referenced square feet. Register projects for online waste diversion tracking.

Submit original facility weight tags with the correct Menlo Park project site as the origin. Ensure that facility tags do not say MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) or garbage. No recycling credit will be provided for these tags. Please keep weight tags from construction portion of the job separate from demolition portion to avoid confusion and delay.

All analysis of fines are calculated prior to final inspection. This means that projects cannot receive their final inspection (also known as "occupancy") until the C&D process is cleared or complete.

If you have an existing permit that was issued under the previous deposit/refund system, please contact us.