Garbage and recycling

Menlo Park residents are served by Recology San Mateo County for solid waste, recycling, and composting services. For all inquiries pertaining to these services and those listed below, please contact Recology San Mateo County directly at 650-595-3900.

Contact Recology San Mateo County at 650-595-3900 to:
  • Set up new or cancel existing garbage, recycling, or composting service
  • Ask questions regarding your bill
  • Notify of a missed pick-up
  • Schedule a free bulky item pickup (available twice annually to Menlo Park residents)
  • Receive more information regarding proper battery or cell phone disposal
We ask all residents and business owners to remember the 4 R's; Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, and Recycle! For additional information on achieving zero waste read our Community Zero Waste Plan

Do you have miscellaneous items laying around that you would like to recycle? Visit and type in the general name of the item (, appliance, toy, etc.) and select from the drop down menu of items in that category to learn how to properly recycle it.  For household hazardous waste, please arrange an appointment through San Mateo County Health or call 650-372-6200 for assistance.

Should you have complaints or concerns regarding Recology San Mateo County's service please contact the Sustainability Division at 650-330-6720. 

Solid waste collection, processing and disposal rates

Single-family residential (once weekly only)
Bundled service which includes 64-gallon recycling and 96-gallon organics service, plus variable garbage size as listed below
 Description  2017  2018  2019  2020
 20-gallon $13.99 $16.97 $19.90 $22.81
 32-gallon $23.40 $26.03 $28.60 $31.14
 64 gallon $55.99 $58.62 $61.19 $63.73
 64 gallon, each additional --- $55.99 $55.99 $55.99
 96 gallon $83.72 $86.35 $88.92 $91.46
 96 gallon, each additional --- $83.72 $83.72 $83.72

View the full 2018-2020 rate schedules