Code enforcement

The City of Menlo Park has adopted city codes (local laws) to keep your neighborhood safer, healthier, quieter and more attractive. The Police Department has primary responsibility for enforcing our city codes and ordinances. Any police officer can take a complaint of unsafe conditions or issue citations for violations. Most complaints are referred to our Code Enforcement Unit for follow-up. Code Enforcement officers also look for violations, coordinate clean-up or repair; and issue notices, warnings, and citations.

Reporting a code violation
When contacting Code Enforcement, please provide the following information:

  • Specific complaint or nuisance
  • Exact address or location of the problem
  • Detailed description of complaint, including the timeline
  • Names of anyone you spoke with and efforts to resolve the problem
To report an immediate health or safety hazard, please call 911.

Possible reasons to call
The Code Enforcement Unit handles calls involving any of the following:
  • Health and sanitation violations, unsafe living conditions
  • Housing and Redevelopment loan inspections
  • Abandoned homes, yards and vacant lots
  • Abandoned vehicles, vehicle storage, and lawn parking
  • Illegal building modifications, conversions, and structures
  • Fences and walls
  • Trees, hedges, and weeds
  • Signs, posters, handbills, commercial signs, and graffiti
  • Solicitors and sales without required licenses
  • Food safety and health inspections in Menlo Park restaurants
  • Debris, trash, refuse and illegal dumping (including storm drains, creek and reservoir)
  • Animal health, welfare and sanitation
  • Noise (including chronic barking)