Energy conservation

The average home uses the majority of energy on space heating (31%) followed by space cooling (12%), water heating (12%) and lighting (11%). Reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint by making a few home improvements.

Simple energy conservation activities

  • Borrow a free Kill A Watt meter to track home appliance energy usage
  • Conserve water (saving water saves energy)
  • Improve your home insulation
  • Install compact fluorescents
  • Install dual-paned windows
  • Install solar panels
  • Replace an old refrigerator (especially if it is greater than ten years old)
  • Set the thermostat to 68° or lower, and set the air conditioner to 78° or higher (health permitting)
  • Weatherstrip or caulk windows

Credits and rebates

Get started now with these exclusive rebate packages offered in San Mateo County. Pacific Gas and Electric Company provides rebates for energy-efficient appliances.

Contact PG&E at 800-933-9555 for more information or visit the PG&E website. 

Federal income tax credits for energy efficient products and improvements are also available for specific improvements. Federal tax credit information can be found at Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program or PG&E's Residential Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credit webpage.

Information on incentives for solar panels can be found at PG&E's California Solar Incentive webpage.