Climate Action Plan

The purpose of the Climate Action Plan is to present researched strategies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions originating in Menlo Park, based on the findings of the city's greenhouse gas emissions inventory analysis which is completed annually. The plan provides strategies that may be implemented over the next few years by the city, its residents, and its businesses. The Climate Action Plan will be updated yearly as research continues to provide more emissions reduction data and as new technologies arise and economic conditions change.

Climate Action Plan milestones

  • 2005 - Menlo Park completes baseline greenhouse gas inventory
  • 2009 - City adopts Climate Action Plan
  • 2013 - City adopts 27% greenhouse gas reduction target
  • 2015 - Variable frequency drive systems installed in Burgess Pool and Belle Haven Pool
  • 2015 - New chillers and variable frequency drive system installed at City Hall/Administration Building and Library
  • 2015 - New energy monitoring system installed at City Hall/Administration building and Library
  • 2015 - Solar photovoltaic installations completed at the Arrillaga Family Gymnastics Center, Civic Center parking lot (solar carport), Arrillaga Family Gymnasium, Onetta Harris Community Center, and City Corporation Yard
  • 2016 - City Council approves of Caltrain Go Pass for city staff
  • 2016 - Electric vehicle charger installations for Civic Center and downtown Parking Plaza 2
  • 2017 - New zoning ordinances include green sustainable building requirements
  • 2017 - City adopts community zero waste plan
  • 2020 - Reach code implementation requires electrification in new buildings
  • 2020 - City adopts sustainable green fleet policy

Climate Action Plan updates

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