Activity Guide and registration

The City of Menlo Park hosts a wide range of community classes for all ages at reasonable rates. Classes include fitness, dance, sports, music, drama, art, lifelong learning and more. City of Menlo Park facilities are safe and welcoming to all. Online and in-person classes are available.

This guide contains listings and registration information for City of Menlo Park community classes in fall 2021. Register and pay class fees through our online registration portal – see the individual listings for links to register online. 

The City of Menlo Park strives to deliver excellent customer service to our residents. Do you have a question, comment, suggestion or complaint? We want to hear from you! Send us your thoughts at 

New in fall 2021

New instructional providers in fall 2021 include Hawaiian Hula, DanceVibes, EASE Education robotics, Gurus Education, Mad Science and eSports hosted by Vanta Leagues.

Menlo Park Community Campus construction

Construction begins in summer 2021 on the Menlo Park Community Campus, a new multigenerational facility to incorporate the former Onetta Harris Community Center, Menlo Park Senior Center, Belle Haven Youth Center (child care), Belle Haven Pool and Belle Haven Branch Library. The new facility is scheduled to open in 2023.

During construction of the new facility, senior services previously provided at Menlo Park Senior Center have moved to the Arrillaga Family Recreation Center and Main Library. Services previously offered at the Onetta Harris Community Center have moved to Belle Haven Branch Library, which will remain open during construction. Services at the Belle Haven Youth Center have moved to temporary facilities in Kelly Park. The Belle Haven Pool is closed during construction.

How to participate in online classes

Online classes are conducted live on Zoom. If you have any questions about how to use Zoom, please visit the Zoom FAQ page. In addition, we have trained staff prepared to assist you if needed. Please email city staff if you have any questions. 

Fall registration dates

  • Resident: Monday, Aug. 23
  • Unincorporated resident: Thursday, Aug. 26
  • Nonresident: Monday, Aug. 30