Activity Guide and registration

The City of Menlo Park offers a broad and diverse selection of classes for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Instructors include permanent employees, part-time employees and independent contractors. Activity Guides are updated seasonally and contain valuable information on community classes, events, programs and updates. 

Online and outdoor classes

Our indoor facilities are currently closed, but classes are not! 

Virtual, or online classes will be conducted on Zoom. If you have any questions about how to use Zoom, please visit their FAQ page. In addition, we have trained staff prepared to assist you if needed. Please email city staff if you have any questions. 

To see which online classes are available, visit our online classes webpage. 

Outdoor classes will be held in outdoor spaces in and around recreation buildings. They include Aztec dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Piano for kids and more!

To learn more about outdoor classes, visit our outdoor classes webpage.

Interested in becoming an instructor?

The City of Menlo Park is continuously looking for instructors to offer new classes! This is a great opportunity to share your expertise or talents with your community. Is there a class that you wish we had for your child or yourself? If so, let us know! Read over our contract instructor guidelines for further details.