Project area plan

The Community Development Project Area Plan established the basic goals of the Menlo Park Community Development Agency and identified the range of activities to be undertaken by the agency in order to improve the Project Area over time.

The Community Development Agency's first Project Area Plan was adopted when the agency was established in 1981. In 1991 the plan was updated, producing the Amended and Restated Las Pulgas Community Development Project Area Plan. This plan included a comprehensive and coordinated set of project activities related to the following areas:
  • Community facilities
  • Planning and code enforcement
  • Public infrastructure and facilities improvements
  • Real estate development and improvements, including significant activities to continue to improve, increase, and preserve the community's supply of affordable low- and moderate-income housing
  • Other support projects
Project Area Goals
The plan also identified specific Project Area goals. General goals for the Project Area included:
  • To enhance the overall living environment of the Project Area
  • To promote home ownership and home improvement opportunities throughout the Project Area
  • To encourage private sector investment together with the provision of additional public amenities
  • To increase local employment opportunities and the expansion of existing commercial enterprises within the Project Area
  • To promote commercial and industrial rehabilitation and infill construction
  • To promote the development of affordable rental and ownership housing
  • To remedy present overcrowded housing conditions and seek to prevent them in the future
  • To accomplish these goals with a minimum displacement of any residential homeowner, tenant, or business