Successor Agency

The Menlo Park Redevelopment Agency was dissolved by the state in February of 2012. The Successor Agency is charged with winding up the affairs of the Menlo Park Redevelopment Agency in a way that maximizes the amount of funding that will eventually be redistributed to other local entities (mainly San Mateo County, area schools, and the Fire District).

About the Community Redevelopment Agency
The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Menlo Park was created in 1981 under the California Community Redevelopment Law. This law enabled a local government to form a community development agency when a determination was made that economic, physical or social blight, or blighting influences exist within a community or designated area. Deteriorating or blighted areas have serious adverse social, economic, and physical conditions which constitute a danger to the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of the community. These conditions also act as a barrier to new investment by private enterprise. Some examples of deterioration or blight in a community include:
  • Deteriorating, unsafe, and poorly maintained buildings and structures
  • High business vacancies
  • Inadequate and obsolete infrastructure, such as street lighting and inefficient street systems
  • Unsafe and substandard housing conditions, including overcrowding
The Menlo Park Community Redevelopment Agency worked to eliminate or reduce blight and reverse deteriorating trends within the boundaries of the Las Pulgas Community Development Project Area. The agency used tax increment financing in order to fund projects and programs. Common projects included property rehabilitation and repair, development of quality affordable housing, economic development / job creation, and capital improvements such as improved traffic circulation and neighborhood beautification.

Menlo Park’s redevelopment agency continued to reduce blight and crime and promote economic development and housing until, in February 2012, it was dissolved by the state.