Development-related heritage tree permits

According to Section 13.24.050, a removal or major pruning is considered as development-related permit if the heritage tree interferes with proposed development, repair, alteration, or improvement of a site of the tree is causing/contributing to structural damage (excluding amenities, such as walkways, patios, pools, fire pits and fences).

Application requirements

Applicants must hire project arborists from the city-approved consulting arborist list. The arborist report for large projects outlines the requirements for a permit application submission. Heritage tree permits related to planning or building permits will also be charged for city-retained arborist expenses. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Heritage tree removal acknowledgement and property owner authorization form
  • Arborist report includes, but not limited to, a tree inventory, tree appraisal values, landscape plan, and tree protection plan;
  • Proposed construction site plans;
  • Schematic diagrams to demonstrate alternative designs to preserve the tree; and
  • Documentation on the additional incremental construction costs attributable to tree preservation.

The heritage tree administrative guidelines outline these requirements in more details.