Major Components

Santa Cruz Avenue at Curtis StreetMajor components of the plan include:
  • Eliminate bright and vacant parcels along El Camino Real.
    The plan promotes infill development of empty lots along El Camino Real through greater clarity and certainty with development regulations, while still maintaining a unique small-town feel.
  • Retain the "village" character.
    El Camino Real near Partridge Avenue Concept ArtThe plan retains the existing village character by keeping buildings low and pedestrian-friendly. Taller buildings would be required to be "stepped back" on upper levels and to vary the building massing and materials.
  • Retain and enhance downtown activity, vibrancy, and community life.
    El Camino Real at Ravenswood AvenueBy increasing the number and amount of public spaces such as parks, plazas, and widened sidewalks, the draft plan seeks to enhance opportunities for community gatherings, both structured (such as concerts, festivals and block parties, as well as outdoor seating for restaurants) and unstructured (such as casual meetings with friends or enjoying the scene from a park bench).
  • Santa Cruz Avenue Central PlazaImprove walkability and bikeability.
    Through enhancing east-west connectivity, especially across El Camino Real, with sidewalk extensions, bike and pedestrian connections, and other improvements, the plan balances the need to manage traffic comfortably while promoting increased accessibility for non-motorized travel.