Adult classes - outdoors

Adult Tennis and Adult Tennis Novice

(Ages 16+)
A common question for many new players is where to begin with lessons and classes, and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) offers ratings for courses to help you decide what might be right for you. This course is rated a 2.5–3.0, which means after the course, you will be able to judge where the ball is going and you will be able to tackle a short rally with players that have the same basic ability. No class 7/4

Instructor: Euro School of Tennis staff
Location: Willow Oaks Park

Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
2616.110$444/$598Su, 8:45–9:45 a.m.June 13–Aug. 29


(Ages 18+)
Join the ballet fitness workout craze that is transforming bodies. The class is a fusion of ballet conditioning, strength training and Pilates. With the use of light weights and ballet barre, you will develop long, lean muscles, gain definition in all major muscles groups, as well as improve posture and core strength. Whether you want to feel better or help increase bone density, this class is for you! Come have fun while getting healthy and strong. Please bring a yoga mat and towel. All safety protocols and measures must be met while participating in this class. 

Instructor: M. Story
Location: Arrillaga Family Recreation Center small patio

Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
1322.101$180/$243W, 10:30–11:30 a.m.June 23–Aug. 25


(Ages 15+)
Bushin Ryu Aikijujitsu is a martial art system based on the dynamic techniques common to both Jujitsu and Aikido focusing on techniques and strategies for self-defense. Concentration will be on weapons techniques. All safety protocols and measures must be met while participating in this class. For more information, visit 

Instructor: Sensei T. Chow
Location: Arrillaga Family Recreation Center

Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
1631.101$99/$132Th, 6:30–8:30 p.m.July 21–Aug. 26

Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga

(Ages 16+)
Take 45 minutes out of your busy day to come and practice a vinyasa flow that will enable you to mindfully integrate movement and breath. A series of traditional Sun Salutations, standing postures and meditation will be emphasized in this practice. Modifications will be given, allowing the student to choose a more beginning or more advanced practice according to their needs; suitable for all levels. Please bring a yoga mat, strap, block, bolster, blankets or any yoga props you may need. All safety protocols and measures must be met while participating in this class. No class 7/5.

Instructor: C. Pouw
Location: Arrillaga Family Recreation Center patio

Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
1395.103$150/$205M, 9–9:45 a.m.June 21–Aug. 27

Taiji (Tai Chi) Chuan

(Ages 16+)
Taiji Chuan is an internal martial art that cultivates power and relaxation. The Chen style encompasses both hard and soft aspects of taiji. Practice strengthens the core and improves posture and balance. Learn the Old Frame form from which Taiji Chuan originated. The beginning class will teach fundamentals such as correct posture and moving from the center. All safety protocols and measures must be met while participating in this class. Face masks are required and participants will be positioned 6 feet apart.

Instructor: E.Horvath
Location: Arrillaga Family Recreation Center small patio


Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
1339.101$74/$99W, 6–7 p.m.June 23–Aug. 25


Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
1339.102$74/$99W, 7–8 p.m.June 23–Aug. 25

Traditional Aztec Dance

(Ages 16+)
Learn to dance the traditional Aztec Dance that has been taught for centuries in Mexico and other Latin American countries. No class 7/5.

Instructor: G. Salinas
Location: Kelly Park/Belle Haven Library

Class codeFeesDay/timeSession dates
6837.401$25/$34M, 5–6 p.m.
June 14–Aug. 16
6837.402$25/$34W, 5–6 p.m.
June 16–Aug.18