Ravenswood Avenue railroad crossing project

This project evaluates the engineering feasibility of replacing the existing at-grade crossings of the Caltrain tracks by building grade separations of the roadways from the tracks at Ravenswood Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue, Glenwood Avenue and Encinal Avenue, with priority on Ravenswood Avenue.

Project background

Read about the project history, including past meetings, presentations and reports.
Menlo Park Caltrain

Current status

A consultant team with City staff has been evaluating two alternatives as directed by City Council, (1) an underpass at Ravenswood Avenue and (2) a hybrid option that would grade separate Ravenswood, Oak Grove and Glenwood Avenues. A number of public meetings have been held and materials from each can be seen in the project history or below. 

On May 8, 2018, City Council approved a motion to move forward with Alternative A which provides for an underpass crossing at Ravenswood Avenue and keeps Oak Grove, Glenwood and Encinal Avenues open to all modes of traffic as existing.

Additionally, City Council provided general direction to staff to bring back the following additional items at a future meeting:
  • Letters to Palo Alto, Atherton, Redwood City, Mountain View and Sunnyvale to request consideration of a multi-city trench or tunnel
  • Letter to Caltrain to request a bicycle/pedestrian path adjacent to the rail within Caltrain right-of-way
  • Additional scope of work and appropriation request to prepare (1) a financial assessment of a trench/tunnel; (2) a conceptual design, noise, tree, and visual impact assessment of a fully elevated alternative
On December 4, 2018, City Council received an Informational Item for an update and public release of the draft project study report for the Ravenswood Avenue railroad crossing study and draft scope for additional studies. Public comments were requested by January 3, 2019, in order to incorporate into future updates to City Council.

Currently, proposals for the future Caltrain-high speed rail blended system are limited to two- or three-tracks within Menlo Park. The City Council's current position is to support only a two-track alignment through Menlo Park. The full position is outlined in the City's rail policy, as can be found on the rail project information page. This study will consider the work being performed for California high speed rail and Caltrain modernization projects, but is independent of these efforts.

Recent or upcoming meetings

Date Topic Location
January 15, 2019 City Council study session City Council Chambers
Community meeting #1
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Community meeting #1
(Presentation without videos 2.5 mb