Online services

The City's Permit and Record Web Portal (also referred to as Accela Citizen Access, or "ACA") provides information about current and historical building permits. The portal also allows:


The Permit and Record Web Portal provides reference information on existing records to anonymous users, but expanded features require registration. The City's site is distinct from similar "ACA" sites that other jurisdictions offer, so users who might be doing work in other cities/counties will need to sign up independently.

To register, click on either of the "Register for an Account" links on the home page and follow the prompts: 

Screenshot of ACA site registration links

The site provides a password recovery procedure, but if you are having difficulty with that feature, please contact Sheena Castro for assistance.

File specifications

In general, documents uploaded to the the Permit and Record Web Portal should follow the following specifications:
  • File type: PDF
  • Size: 1 GB or less
  • Plan sets: 
    • Created directly from a CAD program, as a vector-based file (i.e., not a scan of a printout or hand-drawn sheet)
    • Bookmarked by page number (e.g., "A1.1")
    • Landscape orientation
    • Always comprehensive (i.e., on a resubmittal, provide the full plan set again, not just the modified sheets) 
    • Pages may be deleted or added as needed based on City requirements, but page numbers shall not be reused for different content (i.e., you may add a "A2.3" sheet between "A2.2" and "A3.1", but do not reuse an existing page's number and then renumber the following sheets