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Suggestions and responses for July/August 2019

Item Suggestion and response
1 “Patron suggests that we set our water fountain to be colder.” –KB (staff) 6/23/19
  Response: Public Works is planning to install new water fountains in several city buildings, including the Main Library. The exact date when the installation at the Main Library will occur is not yet known. The new fountains will have fixtures for filling containers in addition to the traditional drinking spouts, and are expected to have more effective temperature regulators than the current fountain. –Sean 
2 “We don’t have any adult fiction or anything else in Mandarin for our Chinese patrons. Twice in the past week I’ve had to direct patrons to the Ref. Desk for alternative locations.” –Ryan (staff) 7/16/19
  Response: We are currently working to create a section with materials in languages other than English (including Mandarin). By weeding/moving Craft & Cooking we will be able to shift the Non-fiction collection counter clock wise and free the south-east wall to house a new Languages collection. We are making arrangements with book selectors and vendors who have expertise in the various languages. –Giuliano
3 “I was thinking that we could have a Dungeons and Dragons day in the library (one day every week), where we could gather up and play one session of Dungeons and Dragons (1-3 hours?) at the library.” –Leonard (contact info provided)
  Response: What a great idea! We are looking into it now. Do you know other young people who play Dungeons and Dragons and who would be interested in playing it at the library? –Sean
4 “Feedback from disabled patron—loss of seating area near lobby is very inconvenient. Anything we can do?” –SR (staff) 8/10/19 
  Response: Thanks for this feedback. We have rearranged some areas of the library to improve sightlines and make the area generally more welcoming and attractive. The amount and variety of seating in the library has increased overall, including the amount of seating located close to the lobby. For patrons who need or want seating as close to the lobby as possible, the first floor Study Zone area (next to and behind the elevator) is a good option. –Sean
5 “Patrons asking about the clock in the main hall again.” –SR (staff) 8/12/19 
  Response: Thank you for the reminder. We have asked our maintenance crew to reinstall the clock in a location where it is visible and can be easily maintained. –Giuliano
6 “Please consider labeling the spine and organization of DVD’s by language. Palo Alto library does this, so I can look for a specific language. Here, it is very difficult. Catalog is not accurate to search for a foreign language (ie, French does not necessarily mean it is French language as I discovered).” –Peggy (contact info provided)
  Response: Thank you for this very good suggestion. You may be pleased to hear that this change is already in the planning stages here in Menlo Park. Re-categorizing DVDs in this manner is a labor-intensive process and will take time. But ultimately it will be worth the effort to provide a more convenient browsing and search experience for our patrons who seek foreign-language videos. –Sean
7 “I think you should get more of each book. Cause I need a book for school, and you don’t have it now. AND I NEED IT!” –Evie (no contact info provided) 
  Response: Our library team is really good at helping you find books that meet your needs. We don’t have enough room (or money) to keep multiple copies of every book on the library’s shelves at all times, but with a little bit of advance notice, we can get virtually any book you want. Menlo Park residents now have access to 11 million titles from dozens of public and university libraries across California and Nevada through our new LINK+ service on the library website. Items will be delivered to a Menlo Park Library for pick up. (It's free.) Delivery takes a few days, so this won’t help for a last-minute request—but with a little bit of planning ahead, it’s great! –Sean
8 “A number of patrons have asked for bags after purchasing books from the Friends store. Could we sell reusable tote bags at the desk?" –Justin (staff)
  Response: That is a great idea. We will try to make this happen soon. –Sean
9 “A. May God give all the staff patience and 5 minutes of their time so lights will not be off on closing time when there are people inside the library. This is unsafe and rude. It is only this place that does that. No flickering of lights too please as this medically triggers seizures. There are two ladies who seems to be high and mighty and looks down on others who sits on the Info Desk. All male staff you have though are all cool and respectful T.Y…
B. Too cold on Project Read computer lab and scary… Ideas. Food or rewards for those in for learning – Project Read or ESL – Barbecue and Family Menlo night quarterly/ semi-annually.” –Thelma (contact info provided)
  Response: Thank you for your feedback. Library team members are responsible for safely clearing the building at closing time. That responsibility includes providing a visual indication of closing time for our patrons who are hearing-impaired or who have headphones on. Turning the lights off and on again is a universally understood signal used by many libraries and public places to indicate closing time. Our procedures include the light signal for these reasons. I have not heard of any instances in which seizures were induced by turning the overhead lights off and on again briefly, but it is something we would never want to happen so we will exercise care. Library team members have been instructed not to “flicker” the lights rapidly, nor to leave the lights off in any section of the library until it has been cleared of visitors. Library team members are expected to demonstrate the utmost professionalism and courtesy, and they invariably live up to that expectation even in stressful or demanding situations. Regarding your suggestions for Project Read, they are well-taken and have been passed along to the team. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. –Sean
10 “How about a Spanish section for kids in the Friends bookstore? And a teen specific section outside of kids. Thanks! We ♥ the library!” –Anonymous
  Response: Excellent suggestions - thank you. We have passed them along to the Friends of Menlo Park Library. They love to hear customer feedback and suggestions like this. The Friends are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. They operate the bookstore independently from the library. One hundred percent of the proceeds they raise from their book sales are used to support library programs for children and families in Menlo Park. –Sean 
11 “I was shocked and demoralized to enter the library at about noon on Saturday, July 20, to be blasted by a driving amplified beat coming from the very center of the main room. Perhaps there was some reason the young man demonstrating various music drones needed to be inside. But why not in the room downstairs? And why did he have to be amplified so loudly? The noise he made was so all encompassing that I could barely think. I had actually come to browse and had to turn around and leave — stopping only long enough to pick up my things on HOLD. I count on the library to be the one place in all the modern world where I don’t have to put up with loud, pulsating music/noise. Please, please keep our library a haven of quiet. THANKS!” –Received via email 7/20/19
  Response: Thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory visit to the library. We're constantly trying to strike a balance between hosting community events and providing quiet spaces for reading and contemplation. This is sometimes challenging due to the library building's limitations. With only one relatively small event room, it's necessary to host larger community events in the main hall on occasion, if we are to accommodate community events at all. That said, I understand your concerns about the sound amplification and will follow up with the library program team about that. I hope this is helpful. Please contact me again should you have any questions or concerns. –Sean
12 “Will there be computers in the children’s area? It moved. My 5 year old loves using the computers and my 3 year old twins could sit on the sofa or at the tables while he was using the computers. Now the computers are far away from the children’s room. I can’t leave him @ the computer area while the twins read in the kids section. *The five year old uses the PBS kids games. He also uses the various apps preloaded on certain computers. Thanks” –Yvonne (no contact info provided)
  Response: Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience at the library. I understand your concerns and have passed them along to our children's services team. We will be making laptop computers available in the children's room shortly. The laptops can be borrowed on request at the children's service desk. –Sean 
13 I was very disappointed to see that the computers are gone in the Children's Library Room. Where did they go? Whoever made that decision doesn't understand active young boys. Girls (and some boys) will SIT and read a book quietly. My active boys (1 1/2 yrs apart) do not. I have loved taking them with me to the library for YEARS now as we work hard at reading to them nightly and they are now in early reader books. They would sit engaged at the computers and play educational apps while I looked for books (usually we'd stay for 45 min's). I tried taking them today (I work while they are at camp or school) and it was a disaster. They had tons of energy and were running around and tackling each other. It was embarrassing (I could feel the eyes on me and was judged for sure) and I had to sit with one holding him while a nice librarian helped me find some books. This was not ideal and I dread having to do this again. Please tell me you're bringing those computers back...." –Received via email
  Response: Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience at the library. I understand your concerns and have passed them along to our children's services team. We will be making laptop computers available in the children's room shortly. The laptops can be borrowed on request at the children's service desk. –Sean 
14 “Phone app for library card that has barcode we can scan instead of having to bring card or type number.” –Stephanie (contact info provided)
  Response: That is a good suggestion! I’m pleased to inform you that we already offer a mobile app with this feature. The app is available for iOS or Android. Go to your app store, search for “Menlo Park Library” and install the app. Open the app and login with your library card, then select ‘My Library Card’ to display your library card’s barcode on your phone. If you need additional assistance, we’re happy to help you. –Sean
15 “Why can’t we have water next to the computer” – A. (no contact info provided)
  The Library Use Guidelines prohibit food and drink in most areas of the library in order to protect library furniture and equipment against spills, smells, and damage. Drinks are allowed if they are kept in covered containers. –Sean
16 “I used to live in Santa Clara County earlier and they had a nice feature. Once you login, you could add a book to your Reading List or Shelf so that you could request it later on. Otherwise I tend to forget it if I don’t ask for it right away.” –Srikanth (contact info provided) 
  Response: That is a good suggestion! I’m pleased to inform you that we already offer this feature, just with a different name. The feature is called “For Later,” and you can access it by clicking the For Later button next to the book’s listing. –Sean