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  1. Kaitie Meador
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citizenM hotel

On February 25, 2019, CitizenM submitted a proposed project to construct a hotel on a portion of the Facebook West Campus. The hotel use was previously approved as part of the conditional development permit (CDP) for the Facebook Campus Expansion Project. The approximately 90,868 square foot, five-story hotel would consist of 240 hotel rooms, a restaurant, and hotel amenities. The proposed project would utilize modular construction. The proposal includes a request for a conditional development permit amendment to increase the approved number of hotel rooms from 200 to 240 rooms and decrease the number of onsite parking spaces from 245 to 120 parking spaces.

City staff is currently evaluating the project proposal and has begun the environmental analysis of the proposed modifications. It is anticipated that the following land use entitlements would be applicable to the proposed project:

  • Environmental review
  • Conditional development permit amendment (including architectural review of the proposed hotel design)

Current status

On July 22, 2019, the Planning Commission held a study session to review an initial version of the proposed project. The Commission's feedback on the proposal included the following general guidance:

  • Support of the shared parking between the hotel and the Facebook parking garage but identified questions about the availability of parking in the garage.
  • Recommendation to do additional outreach and work with the surrounding community on the type of building mounted artwork.
  • Consider exploring additional screening or sun shading options.
  • Recommendation to prioritize hiring staff from the local community.
The applicant is evaluating the Planning Commission’s feedback on the project. The City has not received revised plans at this time.

Environmental review

The proposed revisions to the approved CDP and the detailed architectural plans for the proposed hotel are being evaluated for consistency with the certified Facebook Campus Expansion Project Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and the Addendum to the certified EIR. A second EIR addendum to the certified Facebook Campus Expansion Project EIR is anticipated to be prepared for the proposed project.

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