El Camino Real and Downtown Specific Plan

Current status - as of Oct. 5, 2015
The City Council approval of the Specific Plan and related actions took place in June 2012, and became effective one month later. The final Specific Plan is available below, and the Final Environmental Impact Report is available on the EIR subpage. New development proposals in the Plan area are required to adhere to the Specific Plan regulations. In addition, the city is considering implementation of public space improvements on an ongoing basis through the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan process.

On August 3, 2015, the Planning Commission conducted the biennial review of the Specific Plan. This is part of the ongoing review requirement, which was established to ensure that the Plan is functioning as intended, as well as to consider the policy-related implications of various Plan aspects. Following the Planning Commission's review and recommendation, the City Council will conduct a similar session on October 6, 2015. For more information, please see the staff report.
In addition, the Transportation Division is conducting a related project, the El Camino Real Corridor Study. This project will review potential transportation and safety improvements to El Camino Real between Sand Hill Road and Encinal Avenue.

Fiscal impact analysis
The project FIAs were originally released on August 16, 2011 and have informed the Planning Commission and City Council's review. The FIAs supplement fiscal analysis conducted throughout the planning process.
Oversight and outreach committee
Phase II was aided by a task force, the Specific Plan Oversight and Outreach Committee ("the Committee"), which was charged with the following primary tasks:
  1. Provide advisory input and recommendations to the consultant and staff regarding the outreach process and concept plans (i.e. alternatives) and programs; and
  2. Reach out to other community members and help bring them into the broader planning process through participation in the Community Workshops and other planning activities.
Committee members and affiliations
The following are Outreach Committee members and their affiliations:
  • Bicycle Commission: Bud Kohn (formerly John Fox)
  • Environmental Quality Commission: Douglas Scott
  • Housing Commission: Patty Boyle (formerly Elizabeth Lazensky)
  • Parks and Recreation Commission: Kristi Breisch
  • Planning Commission: Henry Riggs
  • Transportation Commission: Charlie Bourne (formerly Reginald Rice)
  • El Camino Real/Downtown Area Resident: Elizabeth Weiss
  • El Camino Real/Downtown Area Resident: Vacant (formerly Todd Temple)
  • El Camino Real/Downtown Area Resident: Vacant (formerly Tom Hilligoss)
  • At-Large: Vincent Bressler
  • At-Large: Charles Catalano
  • At-Large: Ben Eiref
  • At-Large: J. Michael Gullard
  • At-Large: Clark Kepler
  • Chamber of Commerce - Business Owner: Rick Ciardella
  • Chamber of Commerce - Property Owner: Bill Frimel
  • Development Community: Jeff Warmoth
  • Stanford University: Steve Elliott