General Plan land use and zoning map

The General Plan Land Use & Zoning Map is a visual representation of the zoning districts and land use designations of specific parcels. The regulations that apply to zoning districts are available in the Zoning Ordinance. If you have questions about specific parcels or regulations, please contact the Planning Division.

General Plan

Zoning Ordinance


    Zoning map

    This set is available for purchase at the city of Menlo Park Administration Building (701 Laurel Street) for $10, or as free downloads below.

    Interactive GIS map viewer

    For Zoning and other information, the GIS Map Viewer provides parcel-specific information.

    3 feet by 6 feet version

    This version is available by special order only, at a cost specified in the master fee schedule for plotter prints. Please complete an order form to purchase the map in this format. Maps will be available for pickup at City Hall within 2 weeks.