Household battery and cell phone disposal

Single-family households

Menlo Park residents in single-family homes in the ReThink Waste service area can place household batteries and cell phones in a clear zip lock bag and place it on top of your black garbage cart for pickup on your regular collection day. Due to fire risks, Recology asks residents to tape lithium-ion batteries and wrap cell phones in paper before placing them in the zip lock bag. 

Multifamily residents

Multifamily residents should check their buildings for an orange bin labeled for battery and cellphone collection and disposal. If you do not see one contact your property manager and ask that they request a free collection bin by calling Recology San Mateo.

Property managers

Recology requests that property managers establish a centrally located collection container for residents to dispose of batteries and cell phones. Property managers can receive a free collection bin, schedule a pickup and ensure the bin is in an appropriate location by calling Recology San Mateo.

Drop off

Many local retailers have collection bins for proper battery and cellphone disposal. Visit for drop off locations near you. 

Residents can also drop off batteries and cell phones, along with other electronics, at the Shoreway Environmental Center located at 333 Shoreway Road in San Carlos and open Monday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call the Shoreway Environmental Center at 650-802-8355 for more information.