201 El Camino Real and 612 Cambridge Ave.

201 ECR Street Rendering

Project background

The applicant is proposing to demolish an existing commercial building (201 El Camino Real) and multifamily residential building (612 Cambridge Ave.), and construct a new three-story mixed-use building with two levels of underground parking at 201 El Camino Real and two detached single family townhouses at 612 Cambridge Ave. The mixed-use building would consist of restaurant and retail uses and parking access on the first floor and 12 dwelling units on the second and third floors. Along with the two detached single-family townhouses at 612 Cambridge Ave., a total of 14 dwelling units are proposed for the development.

The proposed development would be at the Public Benefit Bonus level, which involves a discretionary approval that would allow the development to exceed the Base level floor area ratio (FAR) and residential density on the subject site.

As part of the proposed project, two Below Market Rate (BMR) dwelling units would be provided on site, with a portion of the BMR units proposed as the public benefit.

A portion of Alto Lane would be abandoned, and the two lots zoned as SP-ECR/D would be merged through a vesting tentative map. The parcels at 201 El Camino Real and 612 Cambridge Ave. would not be merged, but the project would be a coordinated proposal with linked elements, such as access. As part of the project, two heritage trees have been approved for removal.

The overall proposal would be comprised of:
  • Total buildings: 28,847 square feet
  • Retail: 5,876 square feet
  • Restaurant: 1,200 square feet
  • Residential: 20,929 square feet (14 dwelling units)
  • Shared access: 842 square feet
  • Total parking: 59 spaces

Current status

The City has released an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for this project, and the review period ended Friday, October 2. The Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration are available in the Environmental review section to the right..

The City will be holding the following public hearings for this project.
  • The City Council is tentatively scheduled to make the final decision on the IS/MND and the proposed project, including the requests for architectural control, a use permit, a vesting tentative map, a BMR housing agreement, and the Alto Lane abandonment, via a virtual meeting on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at 5 p.m. or as near as possible thereafter, at which time and place interested persons may appear and be heard thereon.

City actions required on proposed project 

The following city actions would be required for the proposed project.
  • Abandonment of Alto Lane
  • Architectural control
  • Use permit
  • Below market rate (BMR) housing agreement
  • Approval of a mitigated negative declaration
  • Vesting tentative map/major subdivision
  • Heritage tree removal permits