Body Worn Cameras

Use and Purpose

All Menlo Park police employees working in the community have been wearing body cameras since 2014 in an effort to strengthen officers’ performance and accountability, enhance department transparency, document encounters with the public, and investigate and resolve complaints and officer-involved incidents. The use of body worn cameras is intended  to enhance the mission of the police department by accurately capturing contacts between members of the police department and the public. 


Menlo Park Police Department's Policy 450 - Portable Audio/Video Recorders outlines the responsibilities, activation, prohibited use, preservation, retention, destruction and coordination of body cameras and recordings by police staff. 

The police department uses body camera technology device, Vievu by Safariland.   

We recognize the importance of the public's privacy. Police employees will remain sensitive to the dignity of all individuals being recorded and exercise sound discretion to respect privacy whenever it reasonably appears that such privacy may outweigh any legitimate law enforcement interest in recording.