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Important information about your water bill

We have been notified that, Fathom, our billing contractor, is going out of business and services will be discontinued after December 17. Fathom has been providing our billing services, meter reading and customer service since 2010.

Things to know

  • You will continue to receive water. The change in billing services will not have any impact to the delivery of water to your home or business.
  • If you received a water bill this month, please pay the bill as usual by the due date. Fathom mailed its last bills November 15.
  • If you have not received a water bill this month, do not worry. We continue to track your water use via your existing water meter. Once a new billing system is in place, we will issue a bill that may cover a longer than normal reporting period. We will make any adjustments necessary to ensure charges are calculated correctly. 
While this situation is unfortunate, we have an opportunity to evaluate our current practices and make improvements. We are actively evaluating options and working diligently to find a solution. We will keep you informed as to what to expect going forward regarding future water bills.

About Menlo Park Municipal Water

Menlo Park Municipal Water provides water to approximately 16,000 residents through 4,000 service connections within two service areas: the Upper Zone (providing water to the Sharon Heights area) and the Lower Zone (providing water to areas east of El Camino Real). All of the water provided is purchased from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and is piped from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park to Menlo Park through the San Francisco Regional Water System. On average, 85 percent of the regional water system's water comes from the Tuolumne River watershed and 15 percent comes from local watersheds in the East Bay and Peninsula

Find your water provider

There are four water providers within the City of Menlo Park. To determine your water provider, click on the interactive map below and enter your address. 
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Fire flow information

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New water connections

To install a new water meter or to upgrade an existing water meter to a larger size, follow the guidelines below.  Properties not served by Menlo Park Municipal Water should contact their respective water provider directly.

Water connection guidelines
Water connection application
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Construction water meter

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Water quality consumer confidence report

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Cross-connection control program

San Mateo County Environmental Health Services manages the Menlo Park Municipal Water’s cross-connection control program, including notifications, record keeping, tester certification, and site surveys for cross-connection compliance. Backflow Prevention Testers must be certified by San Mateo County and be on the approved list of Certified Backflow Prevention Testers.  For information about the cross connection program, please contact San Mateo County Environmental Health Services at 650-372-6200.