2018 districting process

The City of Menlo Park has changed the way City Council members are elected, from at large elections to "by district" elections.

View the approved City Council districts

You can view the approved City Council districts map.

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Look up your district using the interactive city council district lookup map.

Interactive District Map

Review the work of the Advisory Districting Committee

The Advisory Districting Committee completed its work and within the tight schedule required to determine its final recommendations on draft district boundaries maps and election sequencing. 

District boundaries are based on community

Districting takes into account population, requirements of the Federal and California Voting Rights Acts, and shall not be drawn with race as the predominate factor. A professional demographer reviewed and calculated demographic information for all draft maps. Nearly 40 draft maps were submitted by the public and reviewed by the Committee based on the legal criteria in the federal and state voting rights acts.

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