Facebook Willow Village Master Plan

On July 6, 2017, Peninsula Innovation Partners, LLC, on behalf of Facebook Inc., submitted an application to comprehensively redevelop the former Menlo Science and Technology Park, located along Willow Road at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue. City staff is in the preliminary stages of evaluating the project proposal to determine the review process, tentative project schedule, required land use entitlements and the appropriate level of environmental review. As of November 2018, no formal project actions have taken place.

The approximately 59-acre subject site current contains 20 buildings with a mix of office, research and development and warehousing uses, which encompass the following address ranges: 1350-1390 Willow Road, 925-1098 Hamilton Ave. and 1005-1275 Hamilton Court.

As part of the ConnectMenlo General Plan and M-2 Area zoning update, the site was rezoned to O-B (Office, Bonus) and R-MU-B (Residential Mixed Use, Bonus). The applicant has submitted an application for a conditional development permit and development agreement to comprehensively redevelop the site through a master plan process. The proposed project utilizes the bonus levels for density and height in exchange for community benefits, as defined through the ConnectMenlo process. The proposed project is commonly referred to as the Willow Village Master Plan and generally includes the following components:
  • Approximately 126,500 square feet of retail including a grocery store, pharmacy and restaurant uses
  • A minimum of 1,500 housing units, 15 percent (or 225 units) of which would be below market rate (BMR) units
  • A limited service hotel with approximately 200 rooms
  • A culture/visitor center at the corner of Willow Road and the Dumbarton Corridor
  • Approximately 18 acres of open space
  • Approximately 1,750,000 square feet of offices
The site currently contains approximately 1,000,000 square feet of commercial uses. The proposed project would result in a net increase of approximately 1,000,000 square feet of commercial uses, for approximately of 2,000,000 square feet of commercial uses at the project site.

It is anticipated that the following land use entitlements would be applicable to the proposed project:
  • Conditional development permit (CDP)
  • Development agreement (DA)
  • Heritage tree removal permits
  • Below market rate (BMR) housing agreement
  • Lot reconfiguration (merger, subdivision or lot line adjustment)
  • Environmental review