Project history

Below is the timeline for the Middle Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Rail Crossing project.
 Date Activity 
May 4, 2017 Community meeting #1
Meeting summary
March 14, 2017 Contract approved by City Council
January 2017
A Request for Proposal was released to find a qualified consultant to complete the preliminary engineering and environmental clearance phases.
July 2016 
The City was awarded a grant from SMCTA to complete the preliminary and environmental clearance phases for the Middle Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossing Project which includes preparation of conceptual designs, understanding of impacts on the Caltrain station and adjacent crossings, assessment of local circulation and property impacts, community engagement and outreach, and identification of a preferred alternative. The project was included in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for fiscal year 2016-17.
November 2015 The San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) issued a call for grant applications for Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements Projects and the City applied for funding for the Middle Avenue crossing.
2012 El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan is adopted - Places high importance on bicycle/pedestrian connections and adopted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Undercrossing location at Middle Avenue.
2008 Caltrain Bicycle/Pedestrian Undercrossing Project: The City Council awarded a contract to the consulting firm Alta Planning and Design to develop concepts and select a bicycle/pedestrian undercrossing location.
Menlo Park Comprehensive Bicycle Development Plan: Reiterates the importance of a grade separated crossing for bicycle connectivity.
2002 Menlo Park Willow-Cambridge Bicycle/Pedestrian Undercrossing of Caltrain Line: During the project, it was determined that the 1996 study did not include sufficient information on the Willow alignment and a new study to select an appropriate location was authorized. In addition, this location was received with public concerns, including safety and neighborhood compatibility.
Bicycle Pedestrian Undercrossing Study: Analyzed four potential alignments for an undercrossing based on available space on either side of the rail alignment and proximity to existing bicycle facilities and signalized crossings on El Camino Real. The study placed the most practical location for an undercrossing near Willow Road, at Alma Street.