Complete Streets Commission

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Phone number
Term expires
Katie Behroozi
Email n/a April 30, 2024
Jacquie Cebrian Email n/a April 30, 2023
John Cromie
April 30, 2022
Petrice Espinosa
April 30, 2024
Bill Kirsch
Email 650-867-5343  April 30, 2021
Lydia Lee - Vice Chair
Email 415-218-8475 April 30, 2022
Adina Levin - Chair
Email 650-646-4344 April 30, 2022
Michael Meyer 
Email 650-321-5691 April 30, 2021
Isaac Wyatt
April 30, 2022

Roles and responsibilities

The Complete Streets Commission is charged primarily with advising the City Council on multi-modal transportation issues according to the goals and policies of the City’s general plan. This includes strategies to encourage safe travel, improve accessibility, and maintaining a functional and efficient transportation network for all modes and persons traveling within and around the City. 

  • Coordination of multi-modal (motor vehicle, bicycle, transit and pedestrian) transportation facilities
  • Advising City Council on ways to encourage vehicle, multi-modal, pedestrian and bicycle safety and accessibility for the City supporting the goals of the General Plan
  • Coordination on providing a citywide safe routes to school plan
  • Coordination with regional transportation systems
  • Establishing parking restrictions and requirements according to Municipal Code sections 11.24.026 through 11.24.02