Water conservation

Water is a precious resource, one that has to be managed today to ensure our natural supply remains available for future generations. That’s why Menlo Park has made water conservation a top priority, reaching an unprecedented 55.7 percent water savings in September 2015 (during the height of the drought) compared to 2013 levels.

Conservation brings many benefits

The good news is water conservation provides multiple benefits: reducing water bills, lower yard maintenance and preventing urban runoff that otherwise would pollute our creeks and San Francisco Bay. Conservation also creates more functional, livable and sustainable landscapes, protecting upstream creeks and wildlife habitats and, of course, helping to sustain the reliable water supply essential to our families and economy.

Practicing a low water-use lifestyle is a way everyone can help ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply. Efficient water use helps meet current and future needs, results in cost savings, decreases energy use and helps preserve the environment. 

Free water-saving fixtures

Menlo Park offers free fixtures to residents and commercial businesses that are Menlo Park Municipal Water customers. Please keep in mind that although you may reside in Menlo Park, you may not be a Menlo Park water customer. To determine your water provider, click on the interactive map and enter your address.

To receive these free water saving fixtures, contact us.
  • Bathroom aerator - uses 1 gallon per minute
  • Kitchen aerator - uses 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Low-flow shower head - uses 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Toilet leak detection tablets (2 tablets per packet)
Thank you for doing your part to live Water Smart!