M2-Belle Haven Shuttle

Service Update 

As of June 2018, the M2-Belle Haven and M3-Marsh Road shuttles are still currently experiencing inconsistent service. We apologize for any inconvenience. Due to circumstances beyond our control, these routes are experiencing service disruptions. Staff is working with the service provider, MV Transportation, to ensure any negative service impacts are minimized and the issue is addressed as quickly as possible.

Please note the following potential service disruptions. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to bring the system back to its fully scheduled service.

M2-Belle Haven Route
         • 2nd bus has been cancelled
         • Service only available on Runs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
         • View the schedule for more details

For more information and schedules, please visit the City of Menlo Park’s website or call 650-330-6770. You may also reach our shuttle provider, MV Transportation, at 650-692-1003.

General information

The M2-Belle Haven Shuttle is a free community service route open to everyone. It runs between the Menlo Park Senior Center and downtown Menlo Park. The schedule for this shuttle is Monday through Friday, from 6:30am-5:00pm. It operates with a 20-passenger bus, with two spaces for wheelchairs and a rack that can accommodate two bicycles.

For those traveling between Belle Haven and downtown Menlo Park to Palo Alto, there are connections between this route the and M1-Menlo Midday shuttle. The schedule and map for both the M1-Menlo Midday and M2-Belle Haven shuttle may be viewed online.

Also, please note that on select inbound AM runs Burgess Park, Menlo Park Library, and Laurel/Oak Grove are not served when the bus stops at Ringwood/Middlefield. On select outbound PM runs where the bus stops at Middlefield/Ravenswood, Menlo Park Library and Burgess Park are served while Laurel/Oak Grove is not served. For further questions, please contact the Transportation Division.

The shuttle service is funded through generous grants from the San Mateo City/County Association of Governments, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Lifeline Program and the City of Menlo Park.

Complete shuttle stop list

In addition to the stops below, passengers may flag down the driver anywhere along the route, so long as it is safe to stop.

* Stop is bypassed on select inbound AM runs
**Stop is bypassed on both select inbound AM and outbound PM runs

  • Menlo Park Senior Center
  • Terminal Ave & Modoc Ave
  • Chilco St & Hamilton Ave
  • Belle Haven Library (Chilco St & Ivy Dr)
  • Ivy Dr & Sevier Ave
  • Ivy Dr & Willow Rd
  • Willow Rd & Newbridge St
  • Willow Rd & Chester St
  • Willow Rd & Coleman Ave
  • Willow Rd & Blackburn Ave
  • Menlo Medical Clinic (321 Middlefield Rd)
  • Middlefield Rd & Ringwood Ave
  • Middlefield Rd & Ravenswood Ave
  • Linfield Dr & Laurel St
  • Burgess Park* (Burgess Dr & Laurel St)
  • Menlo Park Library*
  • Laurel St & Oak Grove Ave**
  • Glenwood Ave & Mills Ct
  • Glenwood Ave & El Camino Real
  • Crane Place
  • Downtown (Santa Cruz Ave at Chestnut St, Curtis St, Doyle St)
  • Menlo Park Caltrain
  • Safeway (525 El Camino Real)
  • Little House
  • Partridge/Kennedy