Willow Road/U.S. 101 Interchange

Willow Road - US 101 Interchange

New interchange layout

Starting Monday, October 8, 2018, the interchange layout will be updated and all 101 traffic will make right turns to get onto the freeway for both northbound and southbound directions. 

Demolition activities

The remaining portions of Willow Road bridge at U.S. 101 will start being demolished Monday night (10/8/18) at 9:00 pm and the freeway will be closed overnight. Caltrans must perform the work at nighttime because demolition of the bridge deck, columns and abutments cannot safely be performed while 101 is open. High traffic volumes preclude full closures of the freeway during the day. The demolition is expected to be noisy, but the construction team has made changes to the demolition process to help reduce nighttime noise and perform some of the activities during the day. The demolition work is expected to continue through the end of October 2018. For more information, view the Caltrans' demolition flyer

The modified demolition method includes sawing the existing bridge deck into pieces, then removing them using special equipment. The previously used method involved using large air-hammers to break up the concrete, which created loud and constant noise during demolition activities. While this modified method does not eliminate air-hammering completely, it does greatly reduce it.

Project Description

The City of Menlo Park is a project sponsor of the Caltrans project to update the interchange of U.S. 101 at Willow Road. This project was awarded to a contractor in February 2017 and construction began in May 2017 and is expected to continue for approximately 2 years. The current "full cloverleaf" style interchange will be replaced with a "partial cloverleaf" which will eliminate the short merge weaves both on Willow Road and on the freeway and will create a more efficient way for all modes of traffic, including bikes and pedestrians, to get across the freeway at Willow Road. The project will replace the existing interchange with a new, wider bridge; add sidewalks on both sides, bike lanes on both sides and protected bike paths on both sides; and add two signalized intersections. The final version of the new interchange layout is available for review.

Willows Neighborhood Traffic Changes 

To help alleviate additional congestion experienced in the neighborhoods, the following temporary turn restrictions were implemented in December 2017:

  • No right turns from Chester Street, Durham Street and O’Keefe Street to
    Willow Road, 3-7 p.m. weekdays (Except SamTrans and school buses)
  • No left turns from Woodland Avenue to Baywood Avenue, 3-7 p.m. weekdays
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  Map - Willows Traffic Funiture-Phase 1

Current construction activities

For more detailed construction information, please refer to the weekly construction news updates

Dates Times  Impacted area Activity  Traffic impacts
October 8 - October 22, 2018 Nighttime, hours TBD Existing bridge area Demolition of remaining existing bridge Freeway will be completely closed.  Noise impacts expected in surrounding area
October - February 2019  7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday Median and both sides of freeway Installation of new bridge structure columns and walls  Periodic freeway lanes closures may occur during non-peak hours 
January - October  2018 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday Sound walls areas Construction of new sound walls No traffic impacts, but noise  impacts may be experienced by adjacent residential areas
December 18, 2017 through TBD 3-7 p.m., Monday to Friday Chester Street, Durham Street and O'Keefe Streets at Willow Road  No right turns Right turns will be restricted every weekday from 3-7 p.m. for all vehicles
December 18, 2017 through TBD 3-7 p.m., Monday to Friday Woodland Avenue to Baywood Avenue  No left turns Left turns will be restricted every weekday from 3-7 p.m. for all vehicles 
Early-October 2018 24 hours per day U.S. 101 Ramps and Willow Road intersections Change in ramp layout and added temporary traffic signals New traffic signals will be turned on; Both SB ramps will be on south side; Both NB will be on the north side of Willow Road
Fall 2018 - October 10, 2018
24 hours per day Willow Road between Bay Road and Newbridge Street Construction of Willow bridge, no bicycles or pedestrians allowed Bicycle and Pedestrian shuttle provided and Ringwood Avenue pedestrian bridge available as detour. Shuttle map
October 10, 2018 - Spring 2019 24 hours per day  Willow Road pedestrian access across 101
Sidewalk will be open on the north side of the bridge.
Sidewalk on the north side of the bridge will be open for pedestrians and to walk bicycles across the bridge. The shuttle service will be discontinued.
Last updated on October 8, 2018