Willow Road/U.S. 101 Interchange

Willow Road - US 101 Interchange
The City of Menlo Park is a project sponsor of the Caltrans project to update the interchange of U.S. 101 at Willow Road. The current "full cloverleaf" style interchange will be replaced with a "partial cloverleaf" which will eliminate the short merge weaves both on Willow Road and on the freeway and will create a more efficient way for all modes of traffic, including bikes and pedestrians, to get across the freeway at Willow Road. The project will replace the existing interchange with a new, wider bridge; add sidewalks on both sides, bike lanes on both sides and protected bike paths on both sides; and add two signalized intersections. The final version of the new interchange layout is available for review.

Current status

This project was awarded to a contractor in February 2017 and construction began in May 2017 and is expected to continue for approximately 2 years. 

New Traffic Signals and Ramp Locations

This project recently added two temporary traffic signals and changed the lane layout at each of the ramp locations for the next phase of construction. In the interchange, new pavement paint and additional signs will be added to help clarify the temporary changes and better direct traffic during construction. The traffic signals along Willow Road from Durham Street to Newbridge Street have been coordinated and are being monitored so that the traffic can flow through the interchange more smoothly. 

Willows Neighborhood Traffic Changes

Additional congestion has been experienced in the surrounding neighborhoods and City Council and staff have been working diligently to implement changes to help alleviate this congestion. "No thru traffic" signs were installed throughout the neighborhood on November 15, 2017. Electronic signs have been placed at key entry points into the neighborhood, alerting drivers to changes in the traffic and to encourage cut through traffic to find alternate routes to 101.

On Monday, December 18, 2017, the following turn restrictions will be in place:
  • No right turns from Chester, Durham and O’Keefe to Willow Road, 3-7pm weekdays(Except SamTrans and school buses)
  • No left turns from Woodland to Baywood, 3-7pm weekdays

These turn restrictions will be enforced for all vehicles, so both local and regional traffic will need to make adjustments to their travel routes during these weekday afternoon hours. Staff is performing on-going observations and monitoring as well as collecting observations from the community to determine the effectiveness of these changes.

In January 2018, City Council will receive an update on these changes and the congestion.

Click on map to zoom in Map - Willows Traffic Funiture-Phase 1

Current construction activities

For more detailed construction information, please refer to the weekly construction news updates

Dates Times  Impacted area Activity  Traffic impacts
January 2- mid-March, 2018 8am-5pm M-F Sound walls areas and outside areas of Willow bridge Pile driving for foundations of new sound walls and demolition of existing Willow bridge No traffic impacts, but noise and vibration impacts may be experienced by adjacent residential areas
December 17-22, 2017 10pm-4am 101 median Demolition of median barriers Freeway lanes may be closed and noise impacts may be experienced by adjacent residential areas
December 15, 2017 - January 6, 2018 24 hours per day Northwest and southeast quadrants Deep soil prep work No traffic impacts, but noise impacts may be experienced by adjacent residential areas
December 18, 2017 through TBD  3-7 pm M-F Chester, Durham & O'Keefe at Willow  No right turns Right turns will be restricted every weekday from 3-7 pm for all vehicles
December 18, 2017 through TBD  3-7 pm M-F Woodland to Baywood  No left turns Left turns will be restricted every weekday from 3-7 for all vehicles 
Starting November 6, 2017 24 hours per day U.S. 101 Ramps and Willow Road intersections Change in ramp layout and added temporary traffic signals New traffic signals will be turned on; Both SB ramps will be on south side; Both NB will be on the north side of Willow Road
July 24, 2017 - Summer 2018 24 hours per day Willow Road between Bay Road and Newbridge Construction of Willow bridge, no bicycles or pedestrians allowed Bicycle and Pedestrian shuttle provided and Ringwood pedestrian bridge available as detour. Shuttle map
July 2017 - October 2017 Hours vary Willow Road East of 101, Pierce Road, E. Bayshore Road, Bay Road, Willow Road at Bay Road, Grayson Court Water line installations Majority of work is outside of roadways, but some shoulder and lane closures may occur
Last updated on January 4, 2018