Emergency supply well #1

The first emergency well will be located at the City’s Corporation Yard at 333 Burgess Drive. It will consist of the wellhead and submerged pump, disinfection equipment, a pressure surge tank, an emergency generator, an electrical transformer, and associated piping. Once constructed, it will be tested periodically to ensure it is working properly. As part of the project, the City will also replace the fence at the front entrance and install drought-tolerant landscaping. 

Current status

Drilling was completed in mid-April. Well development tests confirmed that the well can produce 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm), half of the project goal to provide 3,000 gpm of emergency water to Menlo Park Municipal Water’s Lower Zone (area located east of El Camino Real).

We appreciate the nearby residents and businesses who experienced construction noise during construction, particularly during the 24/7 well drilling period that lasted approximately two weeks.

Next steps

We are in the process of designing the wellhead facilities (i.e., disinfection equipment, emergency generator, and associated piping). We anticipate releasing the bid to construct the wellhead facilities later this summer, and starting construction in fall 2017.
Emergency Water Supply Well 1