Backup supply well #1

The first backup well will be located at the City’s Corporation Yard at 333 Burgess Drive. It will consist of the following components:
  • Submersible well pump
  • Well piping
  • Utilities (water, electrical)
  • Emergency generator
  • Disinfection facility
  • Hydropneumatic tank
  • Drain facilities
  • Site improvements (fencing, landscaping, driveway curbs)
Well construction consists of two phases:
  1. Phase 1 – Drill the well.
  2. Phase 2  - Construct the well facility which includes well piping, utility lines, disinfection system, submersible well pump, emergency generator, and site improvements.

Current status

The City completed Phase 1 (drill the well) in March 2017. Well development tests confirmed that the well can produce 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm), which is half of the project goal to provide 3,000 gpm of backup water to Menlo Park Municipal Water’s Lower Zone (the area located east of El Camino Real). 

The City released the bid package to complete Phase 2 (construct the well facility) on May 11, 2018. 

Planned activities

Fall 2018 Begin well facility construction
Spring 2019 Complete well facility construction

Past activities

May 2018 Planning Commission approves the use permit for hazardous materials.
March 2017 Completed well drilling.
July 2016 Planning Commission approves the use permit for the emergency generator.
Staff Report and Minutes
June 2016 City Council approves the Mitigated Negative Declaration.
Staff Report and Minutes
January 2016 The State Water Board approves construction of a backup water well at the Corporation Yard.
May 29, 2013 Community meeting at the Corporation Yard
April 2013 Install two noise monitors on city-owned streetlights to determine the Corporation Yard's baseline noise levels; the monitors were removed after one week.
January 2013 City Council approves an agreement with Infrastructure Engineering Consultants for $430,691 to design a backup well at the Corporation Yard.

Emergency Water Supply Well 1