Sand Hill Road signal interconnectivity

Work is being done as part of a project to connect the traffic signals on Sand Hill Road and improve traffic flow. Bike lane closures along Sand Hill Road will be intermittent over the next few months, with segments of up to a few hundred feet closed at various times, mostly in the southbound direction (towards the Stanford Shopping Center).
The goal of this project is to install an adaptive traffic signal interconnect system on Sand Hill Road between Oak Avenue and NB 280 Off-ramp. This system will continuously collect and analyze traffic flow data and adjust traffic signal cycle lengths based on real time traffic flow information. These adjustments will reduce traffic congestion and travel time delays. A similar system, the Kimley-Horn Integrated 
Transportation Systems with the Kadence Real Time Adaptive Module, was recently installed on El Camino Real between Quarry Road and Encinal Avenue.

The project’s construction scope of work consists of the installation of traffic signal interconnect system elements, including conduit, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, fiber optic splice closures, video detection systems, closed circuit television cameras and equipment, and emergency vehicle priority systems on Sand Hill Road between Oak Avenue and NB 280 Off-ramp. The City hired WBE, Inc. to construct this project in 60 working days.