Development guidelines

The City's Transportation Division has adopted guidelines and standards to ensure that new development projects are constructed following applicable requirements.

Parking and driveway design guidelines

The parking and driveway design guidelines include geometric design standards for parking stall sizes, Americans with Disabilities Act parking requirements, driveway widths and corner radii and other dimensions. 

Transportation demand management guidelines

The goal of the City's transportation demand management guidelines is to provide options for the City and to encourage the use of creative ways to mitigate potential traffic impacts of new development. The guidelines are consistent with those adopted by the San Mateo City/County Association of Governments, the congestion management agency for San Mateo County.

Transportation impact analysis (TIA) guidelines

The City's transportation impact analysis guidelines specify which projects must complete a transportation impact analysis prior to obtaining approval from the City. The City requires that a TIA be prepared by a qualified consultant selected by the City and paid for by the project applicant. The guidelines also specify the requirements of what analyses must be included in a TIA. Please contact us with any questions regarding what projects must complete a TIA or the scope of the analysis required. 

Transportation impact fees

Menlo Park has adopted a transportation impact fee program to determine the cost of infrastructure necessary as a result of new development. A citywide fee was adopted in 2009 and updated in January 2020 according to the transportation impact fee nexus study. Please see the table below for the current rate schedule.
Land use Unit 2021 fee amount*
Office sq. ft.  $19.18
Research and development sq. ft.  $8.17
Manufacturing  sq. ft.  $11.18
Warehousing  sq. ft.  $3.17
Restaurant  sq. ft.  $11.18
Retail  sq. ft.  $11.18
Single-family  units $16,516.73
Multifamily  units $5,566.90
Hotel room $10,010.13
Medical office  sq. ft.  $57.73
Childcare  sq. ft.  $0
Accessory dwelling unit units  $0
*As of June 2021, ENR Construction Cost Index % Change for San Francisco = 3.4
If land use is not one of the above, use this formula: $16,683.56 * Total PM Peak Hour Trips

Staff will calculate rates if the rate is not shown on the table above.