Belle Haven Neighborhood

Belle Haven is a mostly residential Menlo Park neighborhood and is considered to be the "anchor" of the Las Pulgas Community Development Project Area.  Menlo Park's Community Development Agency began improvements in the Project Area in 1981.

The Belle Haven neighborhood is located in a triangular area to the north of Highway 101.  It is bounded by the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board railroad line to the north, Willow Road to the east, and Highway 101 to the south.  Go to Map

Belle Haven boasts several community amenities and services, including a community center, swimming pool, two parks, childcare center, library, senior center, police substation, public health clinic, and schools.  In addition, the Community Development Agency was recently responsible for the development of a small shopping center at the corner of Willow Road and Hamilton Avenue.  This complex features several restaurants, a real estate agency, a drycleaners, a nail salon, a coffee shop, and a gas station and car wash.  The shopping center has been popular with both residents and employees of nearby offices.

Belle Haven Amenities

The following is a listing of key services and amenities available in the neighborhood.

Child Care

  • Belle Haven Child Development Center, 100 Terminal Ave., (650) 330-2270
  • Belle Haven Afterschool Program, 415 Ivy Drive, (650) 330-2295
  • Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula, 401 Pierce Road, (650) 322-6255


  • Kelly Park, on Terminal Avenue
  • Market Place Park, at Ivy Drive and Market Place


  • Belle Haven Pool, 100 Terminal Avenue, (650) 330-2230

Community Center

  • Onetta Harris Community Center, 100 Terminal Avenue, (650) 330-2250

Public School

  • Belle Haven Elementary School, 415 Ivy Drive, (650) 329-2898

Private Schools

  • Beechwood School, 50 Terminal Avenue, (650) 327-5052
  • Young Fives, 50 Terminal Avenue, (650) 327-5052

Fire Station

  • Station 77 located at 1467 Chilco Street, (650) 688-8437. In an emergency or if no response, call the main fire station at (650) 688-8400.


  • Belle Haven Library is a combination school/public library, 413 Ivy Drive, (650) 329-0145

Senior Center

  • Menlo Park Senior Center, 110 Terminal Avenue, (650) 330-2280

Police Substation

  • Belle Haven Community Police Station, located on the corner of Willow Rd. and Newbridge St., (650) 330-6370
Belle Haven Neighborhood Meetings
  • The City of Menlo Park and the Community Development Agency encourage Belle Haven residents, property, and business owners to be involved in the redevelopment process and invites on-going community input. Neighborhood Meetings are held as needed to discuss major projects in the neighborhood. For more information, call the Housing and Redevelopment Department at 650 330-6706.
Additional Community Organizations
  • The Las Pulgas Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Community Development Agency and is made up of Project Area residents, business and property owners.
  • The Belle Haven Homeowners Association meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Onetta Harris Community Center, located at 100 Terminal Avenue.  For additional information, please call the Housing and Redevelopment Department at 650 330-6706 or write to: Belle Haven Homeowners Association, P.O. Box 2630, Menlo Park, CA 94026-2630.  Note: this is not a City-based organization.



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