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Nealon Park



Picnic Area




Location: 800 Middle Avenue

Description: On April 27, 1948, the Menlo Park City Council voted to rename Menlo Recreation Park, located at Middle Avenue west of El Camino Real. The park was renamed Nealon Recreation Park in honor of James J. Nealon.

Mr. Nealon was the chairman of the San Mateo County Youth Activity Committee. After retiring in Menlo Park after 48 years in the U.S. Custom Service in San Francisco, Mr. Nealon worked tirelessly to provide local boys with athletic opportunities including basketball and baseball.

Nealon Park is by far one of the City's most popular destinations with activities available for all. Based on the recreation master plan, Measure "T" Improvements are now complete.

Size: 9.0 Acres





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