Santa Cruz Avenue sidewalk

This project includes the design and construction of sidewalks on both sides of Santa Cruz Avenue between Olive Street and Johnson Street.

Project background

Read about the project history.
Person walking on Santa Cruz Avenue

Current status

At its September 13, 2016, meeting, the City Council authorized the City Manager to award a construction contract and all related service agreements for the Santa Cruz Avenue Sidewalk Project up to the budgeted amount. More information is available in the staff report.
The City’s design consultant, BKF and Associates, has completed the design of the project. The City intends to advertise the project for bids on Monday, September 16, 2016. Plans and specifications are available here. Bid opening is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, 2016, and construction tentatively scheduled to start on November 7, 2016. 

We are intending to start construction on the south side (closest to Middle Ave) of the street first and then the north side (closest to Valparaiso St.). Once we have a contractor on board and have established a more detailed construction schedule, more information will be posted.

In general the modifications include:
  • Sections of the sidewalk will need to be 5 feet to meet the design criteria.
  • In areas where there is existing sidewalk, it will be removed and replaced with new sections to align with the new sidewalk.
  • In the sections where a 6 foot sidewalk will be installed, the sidewalk will extend 6 inches beyond the existing valley gutter toward the property.  However, to construct the sidewalk, a 2 foot section behind the valley gutter will need to be cleared of any landscaping/irrigation and hedges/bushes will need to be trimmed.  Any landscaping in this area would need to be moved prior to the beginning of construction, which is targeted for later summer 2016.
  • On the north side of the street, a 12 inch drainage pipe will need to be installed in some sections of the roadway to help with property drainage.  Although access to the properties' driveways will be available during construction, this may cause some inconvenience. The City and our contractors will work to minimize the disruption.
  • To provide additional drainage and minimize the impact to existing landscaping, some properties will have 8 inch, in-ground drains installed.
  • The driveways between the sidewalk and the property line along the project area will be replaced using concrete to provide adequate transitions.
The design team continues to develop and refine the project design with the goal of starting construction in late summer 2016.