Proposed Ballot Measure Aims to Revise the Approved El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan
This page is provided by the City of Menlo Park as a source of information for the community about a proposed ballot measure and its intended changes to the approved El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan, as well as facts about the Specific Plan and the currently proposed developments.

On February 19, 2014, the City received a notice of intent to place an initiative on the ballot for voter consideration. The notice was submitted by two proponents of revisions to the Specific Plan. The proposed measure would substantially modify the El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan (Specific Plan), which was approved in June, 2012 after a lengthy public input process. On March 6, 2014, pursuant to state law regarding local ballot initiatives, the City released the title and summary of the proposed measure.

The proponents of the initiative commenced signature collection, and had 180 days to collect signatures following the March 6 release of the ballot title and summary. Signatures of at least 10% of the 17,803 registered voter signatures were required for a regular election (15% for a special election).

There signatures were provided to the City Clerk on May 12, 2014. The City Clerk announced on June 19, 2014, that the number of verified signatures filed by the initiative's proponents had achieved sufficiency. The Clerk presented a Certification of Sufficiency report to the City Council at its July 15, 2014, meeting.

The State Elections Code provided that the City Council must take one of the following actions in response to the Clerk's transmittal of the Certification of Sufficiency:
  1. Adopt the proposed ordinance without alteration; or
  2. Determine to place the ordinance on the ballot for the November 4, 2014, Statewide General Election.
After receiving and reviewing a Ballot Measure Impact Analysis report prepared by the independent consultant, the City Council voted unanimously to place the proposed initiative on the November 4, 2014, ballot so that the voters could decide.

The links below offer information about the proposed ballot measure and its intended changes to the Specific Plan, clarification about how the Specific Plan currently addresses key issues, a look at the currently-proposed developments, and information about the Specific Plan and the public process through which it was developed.