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On March 26, 2013, the City Council adopted goals for calendar year 2013. One goal is to initiate work on the update of the General Plan. The General Plan is a legal document, required by state law, which serves as the City of Menlo Park's "constitution" for development and the use of its land. It is a comprehensive, long-range document, detailing proposals for the physical development of the City, and of any land outside its boundaries but within its designated "sphere of influence."

The City’s current General Plan (specifically the Land Use and Circulation Elements) was updated in 1994 and includes outdated land use and traffic projections to the year 2010. The City Council has asked staff to put into place a process and related funding to comprehensively update the Plan. The update would focus on the Land Use and Circulation Elements and would include a geographic focus on the M-2 zoning area, plus other areas of the City aside from the El Camino Real and Downtown areas.

Topics that will be part of the discussion would include items such as Complete Streets and a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy.

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