Exam Proctoring

  • This is not one-on-one proctoring. Student sits near the Reference Desk while the Reference Librarian performs regular duties.
  • The proctor is whichever librarian is on duty at time of exam.
  • There is a fee of $25 (residents) or $75 (non-residents) for each exam, due when the exam is taken. Cash or check only - no credit cards accepted.
  • School or student must provide return envelope and postage (USPS preferred).
  • No special delivery or grading of exams is done.
  • Only paper and pencil tests are accepted (no CDs, computers, gems, etc.).
  • No mail goes out on weekends and alternate Fridays, due to City Hall hours.
  • Exams left 3 months will be thrown away.
The school must send the exam to the attention of Nick Szegda at:
Menlo Park Library
800 Alma St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Later, call the library at 650-330-2520 to verify that the test has arrived. You may come at any time during library hours to take the test.