Completed Projects

  1. Facebook Campus Project

    Browse information on the Facebook Campus Project.

  2. Commonwealth Corporate Center Project

    Check out details about the Commonwealth Corporate Center Project.

  3. 1706 El Camino Real Medical Office

    View details on the 1706 El Camino Real Medical Office Project.

  4. 1460 El Camino Real

    See information on the 1460 El Camino Real Project.

  5. 555 Glenwood Avenue Project

    Discover details about the 555 Glenwood Avenue Project.

  6. 389 El Camino Real

    Check out the project at 389 El Camino Real.

  7. 75 Willow Road

    Learn more about the 75 Willow Road Residential Development Project.

  8. 321 Middlefield Road

    Take a look at information about the 321 Middlefield Road Medical Office Project.

  9. 966 - 1002 Willow Road

    Find details on the 966 - 1002 Willow Road Residential Development Project.

  10. 2550 Sand Hill Road Project

    Browse details on the 2550 Sand Hill Road Project.

  11. 2825 Sand Hill Road

    Explore information on the 2825 Sand Hill Road Project.

  12. Allied Arts Guild

    Find information on the Allied Arts Guild - 75 Arbor Road Project.

  13. Arrillaga Family Gymnasium

    See details about the Arrillaga Family Gymnasium.

  14. Arrillaga Gymnastics Center

    Access details about the Arrillaga Gymnastics Center.

  15. Belle Haven Willow Business Area Design Charrette

    Peruse details about the Belle Haven / Willow Business Area Design Charrette.

  16. Hamilton Avenue Housing & Park Project

    Read about the Hamilton Avenue Housing and Park Project.

  17. Linfield Drive Project

    View Information on the the 110 and 175 Linfield Drive Project.

  18. Safeway Development Project

    Discover information on the 525 El Camino Real Safeway Development Project.