Shuttle services

April 2017 Caltrain Schedule Changes

Effective Monday, April 10, 2017, Caltrain will be running on a new schedule. Some highlights include the renumbering of southbound morning Baby Bullets, selected trains making additional stops, and minor schedule tweaks for many trains.

Accordingly, the Marsh Road and Willow Road shuttle schedules have been changed to coordinate connections with Caltrain both in the morning and afternoon.

General information

The City of Menlo Park offers free shuttle service for local community destinations and for commuters working in business parks. All shuttles are wheelchair-accessible and have a rack that accommodate two bicycles.

The community shuttles serve local destinations in Menlo Park. The commuter shuttles serve the Marsh Road and Willow Road business parks from the Caltrain station during commute hours. For a full overview of all shuttles, check out the system route map.

With the exception of the Shoppers' Shuttle, all shuttles operate Monday through Friday. The following are schedules and maps for each individual line:

The shuttles offer connections with other regional transit agencies: Caltrain, SamTrans, Stanford Marguerite, and VTA

  1. Midday Shuttle

    Shuttle service to downtown Menlo Park, Sharon Heights, and downtown Palo Alto.

  2. Belle Haven Shuttle

    Shuttle service between Menlo Park Senior Center and downtown Menlo Park Caltrain.

  3. Marsh Road Shuttle

    Shuttle service between Menlo Park Caltrain and Marsh Rd. business parks.

  4. Willow Road Shuttle

    Shuttle service between Menlo Park Caltrain and Willow Rd. business parks.

  5. Shoppers' Shuttle

    Door-to-door shuttle service to Menlo Park and Redwood City.

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